This is the english blog site for Me. This site is used to store some of my thoughts on the programming, and mostly in 2 categories:
1. JavaScript, Java and other programming things about it: I have wrote a small command line tool same as NodeJS based on Rhino. And, besides that, I have wrote a package system for that tool just like the npm, using the famous Maven distributions, I’m about the open source it, and I’ll share some of the thoughts about writing it and other programming things in this blog.
2. As for the second thing I use this blog for, is to store some thoughts in philosophy and make the thinking in English
3. And the third purpose this blog are for, is that I need it to practise my english writing skills I was not born a English speaker and the English is only the third language for me (since the Java is the second, :D), so my spell maybe not correct and the sentences maybe too simple, since the most of them are about programming, I think that won’t affect much.

By the way, I’m available to be hired for part time offsite/onsite project/jobs focusing on PHP, JS or Java.

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